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Suanne Waugh, Friday, 15 September 2017


Two nominations for North Eastern Zone Representative have been received by the due date therefore a vote for North Eastern Zone Representative will be conducted.  We encourage all North Eastern Zone clubs to participate in the vote.

Candidates:  Catherine Schwarz & Ian Don

In the next week your Club will receive in the mail a VOTING FORM and RESUME of each candidate for the position of North Eastern Zone Representative.

It is recommended that your Pony Club Committee decide as a group which candidate they wish to vote for and record this as a motion in your Club minutes.

North Eastern Zone Representative Announcement

The successful candidate will be announced at the PCV Annual General Meeting on 14th October 2017. 


Catherine Schwarz


Ian Don

Catherine Schwarz

Current Occupation: Cropping Farmer

Number of years in Pony Club: 7 years as Junior Rider, 8 years as Adult Supporter/Rider

Positions Held in Pony Club: State – NEZ Rep 2 years, Rules Committee, State Dressage and Show Jumping Organising Committee. Zone – Vice President. Club – President 4 years, DC 2 years, Coach 8 years – NCAS Preliminary

What skills do you feel you bring to the organisation in your nominated role?

I have a thorough knowledge of PCV Rules and Procedures, an understanding of budgeting and financial management, communication and marketing. I have experience and knowledge of the Pony Club movement as a parent and an official, and know what needs to be provided to grass roots members.

What experience have you had with other voluntary Board/Committees outside of Pony Club?

Florian Park Committee (Moira Shire) current.

I have also been involved with numerous local community groups and committee as a volunteer over the years

What do you hope to achieve for Pony Club in your nominated role?

As Zone Representative, I hope to be able to continue to assist clubs in making pony club a fun, safe place where our children can learn and enjoy their horses and to represent the Clubs of NEZ by bringing their concerns and questions to State Council, and helping to keep clubs informed on what is happening in PCV.

What would you say is the best thing about Pony Club?

I have always enjoyed getting to know and helping the children and their parents in Pony Club, however the best thing about Pony Club is the smiles I see on my club’s “Little Tackers” under 5 group as they develop their knowledge to become caring and responsible horse riders, and the friendly environment which helps this to occur.


Ian Don

Current Occupation: Work Health & Safety Manager

Number of years in Pony Club: 9

Positions Held in Pony Club: District Commissioner, President, Vice President, Event Coordinator, Cross Country Coordinator, Canteen Coordinator, NEZ Vice President, Technical Delegate, proud and actively involved parent and volunteer.

What skills do you feel you bring to the organization in your nominated role?

Nine years being fully committed and involved in Pony Club, experience dealing with riders, parents, committee members and the broader pony club community. I have excellent listening and communication skills, the ability to work collaboratively with the common goal of making pony club an enjoyable, safe and happy environment for riders and parents. I have appositive can do attitude in making sure that we can help riders, clubs and the organisation continue to grow

What experience have you had with other voluntary Board/Committees outside of Pony Club?

I have not been involved with other volunteer committees outside pony club, however I am part of the management group in the current organisation I work for. The last nine years all my volunteer roles in pony club have been dedicated to helping riders and parents get the most out of our great organisation

What do you hope to achieve for Pony Club in your nominated role?

Offer the opportunity to assist children enjoy learning, competing and achieve their ambitions through pony club, while ensuring that the Zone and members follow and understand the rules set down by PCV for the safety and fairness of riders and members. I hope to ensure the balance and stability within our zone and promote the organisation as a wonderful platform in which children and adults can learn.

What would you say is the best thing about Pony Club?

Meeting new people and developing lifelong friendships with others that enjoy horses and all things related. Pony Club teaches members sportsmanship, fairness and companionship. It gives young people the opportunity to become diplomats in a youth movement whilst pursuing their love of horses

Other interesting facts about you!

Qualified Motor Mechanic, Diploma in Management, Advanced diploma in Occupational Health and safety, Lead Safety Auditor, Lead Investigator and Return to Work Coordinator