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Each of the Pony Club certificates teach and test different levels of riding and horsemastership.

It is a requirement that if you are over 13 years of age and have been in pony club more than two years you must have your C certificate to compete at State level. This applies to competitions such as State horse trials and showjumping or representing our games team at State level should we get to that stage. 

Minimum age for D certificate is 7 years.

Minimum age for D star certificate is 9 years.

Minimum age for C certificate is 12 years. 

D and D star certificates test basic riding and theory and are taught and examined by pony club instructors. The examining of these certificates takes place during part of  a rally. 

C certificate involves a separate written exam during a rally and a practical test of  riding , jumping and horsemastership. Zone examiners visit our pony club for approximately a day to test this practical side. The theory and practical side of the certificates is taught in groups at rallies over several months. Although it can mean missing some lessons each pony club for a short while, other knowledge and experience is gained through the sitting of these certificates.   

To learn more about what is taught for these certificates, visit the PCAV website here.